TV Ad Specialist Company – A Strong Business Idea

In India, TV is the major past time, if your family has a favorite TV show, isn’t it? Though there are some platforms, like NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Voot, etc have taken over the popularity of the TV. But in the case of India, it is still there. So TV Ad also play a vital role.

By considering the popularity of TV in mind, various companies always look for the opportunity to make Ads. Likewise, you can reach out to the companies, who do not have ads, you can create an engaging ad for them. And, hey! Your ad is on the TV, of course only if it is selected. 

TV Ads Specialist Company Target Audience
TV Ads Specialist Company Target Audience

To commence, you need, 

  • Studio
  • Video camera
  • Light reflector
  • Camera lens
  • Tripod
  • Most importantly, creativity!

Types of Advertising Agencies

1. Full-Service Ad Agency
A full-service advertising agency offers a comprehensive range of services that address both the traditional and digital marketing aspects of a business. Full-service ad agencies are made up of a team of experts, and they’re a one-stop shop of services:

Ad Campaigns
Strategic Planning
TV Ads
Social Media Management
Content Creation
Web Development
Radio Commercials
Graphic Design
Lead Nurturing

2. Traditional Ad Agency
Traditional ad agencies primarily work with traditional forms of media, such as newspapers, television commercials, radio, and print.

3. Digital Ad Agency
A digital advertising agency specializes in all things online. They probably have familiarity with traditional media, but their primary focus lies in the digital sphere, including:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing
Website Design and Development
Lead Generation
Email Marketing
Account Based Marketing
Marketing Automation

4. Social Media Ad Agency
Social media ad agencies focus on one thing and one thing only: social media. They are a team of content creators and ad optimizers that will max out your social channels.

They may focus on many social channels or be experts in a single channel, such as LinkedIn. Because of recent social media algorithm changes that resulted in a drop-off in organic reach, expect social media ad agencies need to charge a budget for ad spend.

5. Public Relations Ad Agency
Public relations, or PR, agencies serve to improve and manage the public image of a company and its employees. PR agencies are often used for enterprise-level companies and CEOs, focusing on getting the company or the CEO featured in the news, on industry websites, and in the community.

6. Branding Ad Agency
Branding agencies specialize in, you guessed it, branding. They’ll usually conduct thorough market research to better understand the competitive landscape and offer a range of services that include logo design, brand name development, creative identities, and signage.

7. Creative Ad Agency
What is a creative agency and why should you work with one?

Creative agencies focus on the design and graphics of a brand, but outsource the strategy and execution to other marketing partners. They usually excel in logo design, print marketing, letterheads, billboards, and business cards.

8. Media Buying Ad Agency
Media buying ad agencies focus on media planning and media buying, and they usually tailor their services to a specific channel. They identify a time frame, recommend a budget, and establish markets for reaching the target audience.

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